Only you can make a difference in the lives of those with kidney failure and be their hero. No one wants to go on dialysis, ever. Gene and his sister, Tina, watched their father, Gene Sr., deteriorate and wither away under a false pretense that dialysis was the only path for him. Please help save a life and change the course of other family’s tragic misfortune of having polycystic kidney disease (PKD) affecting multiple generations.

As a survivor of PKD, Gene is determined to make it easier for people facing kidney failure to search for living donors, find these heroes, and avoid dialysis or death. Please help save a life. We need many heroes!

Donate Altruistically

So I am ready to be a hero and donate my extra kidney to a struggling deserving individual. What is the next step?

To find out if you’re an acceptable kidney donor, the physician or kidney donor coordinator at the transplant center will ask a series of screening questions, which may include:

Do you have or have you ever had any of the following:

Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, hypertension, gout, overweight, or a heavy smoker?

Unfortunately, if you answered yes to any of these medical conditions, you likely would not be able to move on to formal medical screening as those are disqualifiers. In some cases, if you are overweight or a smoker, you still may be able to donate by making necessary lifestyle changes.

If you do have the above medical conditions, fear not! You have a powerful voice and network of friends and family, and we ask that you share Gene’s story of success to help identify other potential kidney donor heroes. In this way, you can still be a hero for someone greatly in need.

If you are in good overall health and would like to donate a life-giving kidney to a deserving person, please provide your contact information. Many times altruistic donors begin a chain of kidney donations that can positively affect many people waiting for kidneys. Some of these kidney chains that begin with an altruistic donor can lead to 20-50 people getting new life saving kidneys.

Be a catalyst for life, be a hero!

Not a match?

You can donate a life-giving kidney to a potential kidney recipient even if your kidney does not match their blood type.

A kidney swap–or what is commonly known as a paired exchange–allows the hero donor to donate a kidney to someone else that needs a kidney who is a blood type match. The paired exchange program has been extremely successful in matching many kidney donors and recipients. These have been so successful that potentially one altruistic donor can be the start of many paired exchanges in what is known as a kidney transplantation chain. This is where just one kidney could start the chain of as many as 30-50 transplants!

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Share Gene’s Story

If you cannot donate a kidney, we need your help to find living kidney donor heroes!

Just a simple click to share on Facebook and Instagram is all we ask; it could save a life.

Find a donor; save a life.